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About Us

Ostara is founded by Amit Daga and Sangeeta Daga. Based out of Mumbai, we have over 50 years of experience in the Jewellery business. From designing and crafting the most exquisite gold jewellery in precious stones for clients around the world to sorting and exporting some of the most exceptional diamonds across the globe for high-end boutiques. For us, Ostara is a step towards bringing the unique experience of high end gold jewellery to Silver Jewellery. That is why, all our pieces on the website our one off pieces i.e each piece is unique and only one pair of each design is available. 


We also noticed, something peculiar about the silver jewellery business. There isn’t a reliable source of silver jewellery that is affordable, unique and build with care. The whole industry is build on a mass market ecosystem and for us, Ostara, is the anti-thesis to that. Ostara celebrates trust. Trust in the quality, design, manufacturing and uniqueness of our pieces and that of the customer. Each one of us, is unique and we deserve something unique without having to break our banks, that is the need Ostara fulfils. 


Ostara is an online store build for everyone to enjoy daily pieces to enhance their look while investing in a precious metal. We strongly believe that imitation jewellery is a waste of money while being too common and gold jewellery is too expensive for daily wear. That is where Ostara Silver Jewellery comes in. Not only does the value hold because we craft the pieces in 92.5 Hallmarked Silver, it can be worn any day of the week, for any occasion and makes for great gifts without breaking the bank, all while being unique.